Deskmate Home Office Desk Mat - Black

Our home office mat is the perfect add on to your WFH set up. It prevents spills, stains and is brilliant for laptop work and writing.

Protect your desk. Made of durable PU leather material, our unique design prevents scratches, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. It also gives your office a modern and professional atmosphere when you put it on your desktop. Its smooth surface is also perfect for writing, as well as mouses. Can be used at home, the office or your favourite coffee shop.

🕰️ Tough material, built to last. Made of premium PU leather material with durable construction, we offer a 24-month warranty on our desk mats. Also comes with a leather clip so when you’re not working, it folds away neatly after use.

👩‍💻 Not just a desk pad. The size is large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse and keyboard. Keeping your things in order whilst you work, it’s your own private writing station!

🌊 Waterproof + easy to clean. The mats water-resistant, meaning you reduce the risk of spillages and stains from drinks and food. If you want to clean it, simply wipe its surface with a wet cloth.

💯 Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm

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