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Sitting Is The New Smoking..

Prolonged sitting increases levels of markers linked to heart disease risk (e.g. bigger belly, higher levels of triglycerides and trouble controlling blood sugar).

To long in a sedentary position makes muscles less sensitive to insulin (the hormone controlling sugar levels in you body). This insulin resistance raises your risk for type 2 diabetes, which is closely linked to heart disease.

It's time we put that to a stop. Welcome to the standing revolution. 

Think Outside The Box

You stay more than 40% of your life at work. We believe  it's time you did it better.

"Anyone who spends long hours at a computer should consider getting a standing desk to use for a couple of hours a day. There's no need to buy a fancy one; you can purchase a portable, fold-up model that sits on top of your regular desk." Harvard Medical School

Intermittent standing has a variety of key benefits, including increased energy, improved blood flow, higher caloric burn, better productivity levels, increased overall wellbeing.

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