Why stand whilst working?


Health Benefits

Our goal is to create products that allow you to work better, improve posture, and make working fun.

It’s no surprise that sitting down for 8 hours a day negatively effects your wellbeing, so we’re here to help you be more active at work.

Intermittent standing has a variety of health benefits. Here are our favourites:

Better posture
Standing intermittently encourages a conscious effort to move and stretch

Improved blood flow
Regular movement increases blood flow around the body

Higher caloric burn
Deskmate workstations help you burn an extra 30,000 calories a year

Increased productivity
Higher energy levels increase your daily output

Reduced pain
Deskmate are endorsed by the London Wellness Centre (one of London’s top Chiropractors) as an affordable way to reduce chronic back pain

Enhanced wellbeing
We believe Deskmate creates a more comfortable working environment, enhancing your overall wellbeing. If you don’t agree, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee