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'Standing Desks for Schools' Crowdfunding

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Deskmate are proud to be shortlisted as a winner in the Crowdfunder & GoDaddy startup competition to run a crowdfunding campaign. As part of the campaign we are starting a project called "Standing Desks For Schools" in a bid to get children more active 😝


Inactivity and poor posture represent the second highest cause of absences at work. According to the NHS, in 2016, 31 million sick days were taken in the UK and costs the UK economy £14bn annually.

Deskmate's mission is to change that and we are raising money to support :

  1. Our project 'Standing Desks For Schools' to get kids more active.
  2. Getting office workers more active.
  3. Geographical expansion in Europe. 


Image result for finger pointing emoji Support us and get more info at Crowdfunder


Deskmate Team