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Ashley's Guide To Working From Home.

March 27, 2020 2 min read

Our business has been mainly remote since we started and that includes a lot of working from home. In this guide, I've compiled our top 10 hints and tips to make it as fun, comfortable and productive as possible. I’ll try not to talk about our standing desks too much, but they do help. 

  • Exercise - walk, run or yoga is the go-to for me. Get the body moving, blood pumping and endorphins jumping. It’s a great way to get your head focused before you start work.
  • Write a to-do list - do this before the start of the day, usually at breakfast. Ideally, before you open your laptop as well. Look at yesterday's priority tasks and see what needs to be done today.
  • Get your set-up sorted - this isn't just talking about standing desks. Get a workspace sorted if possible and avoid the sofa. If you’re working from a desktop, Deskmate is a great way to get standing, if it’s a laptop, get a Minimate.
  • Schedule your working day - approach it like a working day, break the 8 hours you work into small manageable chunks and take your lunch break like you would any other day. Getting out of your pyjamas helps as well. 
  • Get techy -  get Zoom, Slack and a diary/journal. Stay off notification based apps like WhatsApp. Distraction central!
  • Create a playlist - avoid distracting music with lots of lyrics. Jazz is a great genre that remains energetic, upbeat but also easy to work to. I like this one on Spotify: 
  • Make a healthy lunch - don’t overload on junk food because you are working from home and the freezer is full of pizza. Check out Doctors Kitchen - 
  • Hydrate - simple but effective way to keep productivity up throughout the day. Drink more water.


  • Keep calm, keep positive and stay at home!