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Best standing desk 2019: for the office and home

October 08, 2019 2 min read

Five of the best standing desks to buy right now. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that sitting for long periods isn’t great for your health; that’s why buying the best standing desk just make sense.

There are plenty of options around, from manual to motorised desk. Alternatively, you can opt for a converter or riser, which goes on top of a standard desk or table to create a raised surface. You can even buy the legs on their own and fit a desk surface on the top that matches your interior.

If you’re an office-based employee and back health is important to you, it isn’t just your concern - employers have their part to play too. Apple’s Tim Cook even went so far as to call sitting the ‘new cancer’ after having kitted out Apple’s California headquarters with standing desks.

Standing desks aren’t just for offices though. Flexible working is on the rise, so people are working from home more than ever. Many spend that time on the couch or at a counter slouched over a laptop.

If that all sounds familiar, we’ve tested out five of the best rated standing desks around for home use, from the incredibly affordable Deskmate Standing Desk Converter, costing £29.90 through to the sleek, handsome looking, electric Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk, which climbs up to 125cm and £700+.

The underdog of this shortlist is the Deskmate, but despite being made of recyclable cardboard, we love what it does and what it stands for. The fact it’s got a stepped design means your keyboard is in a well-suited position for standing and typing with elbows at right angles - similar to the Varidesk. Converting your space back to a sitting desk isn’t particularly elegant, it’s simply a case of picking up the Deskmate and moving it, but if you’re okay with that, then this £29.90 investment is worth every penny, even if we don’t see it as an ideal long-term option.

If you’re thinking about a riser, we have two options that couldn’t be more different, the Oploft, and the The Varidesk Pro Plus 48, one clean and transportable, the other stationed and build for serious productivity.

Finally, there’s the Ikea Skarska, a desk you can crank up and down with much of the functionality of the Jarvis Bamboo, but a much more clinical look and feel.