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Pink makes you wink! Not only is Rose a deskmate best seller, it offers all the same benefits of a traditional standing desk, at a fraction of the cost. We recommend you use rose for an hour a day to start and slowly build up. Not only will standing burn extra calories, it improves posture and energy levels throughout the day. Also, a desk this pink can't not brighten up your day.

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Product features:

Manufactured in the UK - and shipped directly from source, meaning the highest quality product at the lowest price and with the lowest impact on the environment. 

Supports up to 20kg - that’s 10kg per shelf. This standing desk will for both laptop and monitor users

Folds up and down in seconds – No instructions necessary, fold out, tuck the sides in and place your monitor and or keyboard on top and away you go!

Carry case available – doubles as a storage unit or portable carry case, take deskmate to the office, library or your local coffee shop

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