Face Mask Filters - 5 Pack

What is it?šŸ‘‡

  • High quality KN95 filters with 5 protective layers.
  • To be replaced every 30 days or 70 hours of use (whichever is sooner)
  • Pack of interchangeable filters (sets of 5 or 10) to use with your maskĀ 
  • 5 pack of filters will last approx 5 monthsĀ 

How many filters do I need?Ā šŸ‘‡

  • If the mask is worn daily a filter will last aboutĀ 4 weeks, or 70 hours (whichever is sooner).
  • The effective working life of the mask filter depends on a number of factors, such as; the breathing rate of the user; ambient levels of pollution; the length of time the filter is actively working; hygiene levels.Ā 
  • We recommend cleaning the filter every week (with warm water and soap). Once the filter is uniformly light brown, we recommend switching it with a new one.


  • Material:Ā WovenĀ Neoprene (mask) Activated Carbon (filter)
  • Filter:Ā KN95Ā Tested Filter System
  • (KN95 is an industry-standard and means that filters provide the intended effectiveness of filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 2.5 micrometers. Therefore, our mask can protect you well from Air Pollutants like smog, dust,Ā motor vehicle emissions,Ā PM10, PM2.5, and even smaller particles).Ā 
  • Uses:Ā cycling, commuting, travelling on public transport, any other sports & outdoor exercises performed in urban environments.
  • Size:Ā Adjustable, one size fits all
  • Functions:Ā anti-pollution, smog, bacteria, germs, hypoallergenic, automobile exhaust/smokeĀ 
  • Ready to use - Each has x1 interchangeable filter already integrated

(Please note that the effectiveness depends on a proper fit and how the mask is worn)