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Virgin interviews Deskmate co-founder Arthur Maisonnier on topic: "FOUR WAYS I SCALED UP MY BUSINESS"

March 24, 2018 2 min read

Original article here: Virgin

When it comes to growing your business, what are the things you put into action to make it happen? From hiring staff to changing premises to taking on clients, no story of growth looks the same.

Arthur Maisonnier is the founder of Deskmate, a company aiming to revolutionise the way we use desks by providing the world's most affordable standing desk converter. We asked Arthur to share some of the ways he's scaled up the business since the start.

First sales

After launching our website it was hard to drive traffic and sales. We were unknown and selling an innovative product no-one knew about. However, we decided to approach things creatively and demonstrate the value to people wherever we could  - so we managed to organise popups at WeWork locations in London and Paris. This enabled us to be right in front of users, show our product, gather relevant feedback straight away and start making those crucial first sales.

Making first hires

After setting up the basis of our business (building the website, ordering our first batch of products, putting a few pounds behind our marketing efforts), we were keen to develop new designs for our product in order to take the next step in our growth. We decided to go about this through an online competition, where we asked students to design an item that would be our next solution. We had great responses and offered the winner a job which she accepted. Great work so far! Now, after couple of months gathering information on our customers we are at a stage, where we are able to reach the second phase of development of our product by implementing technology. In order to do this, we're making another hire. Hiring people who know their field well can save you time and money in the long run by ensuring that a good job is done in the first place!

Looking at process and manufacture

We have been working with a mix of manufacturers and carriers for a couple of months. We wanted to simplify this process, and managed to find a UK-based manufacturer also shipping items they have manufactured. They also store the items. This made our process super smooth, simplified the process, and enabled us to scale up our sales.

Connecting with other businesses

We wanted to get as much visibility as soon as possible, and so we started working with WeWork to get through their network. They agreed straight away by letting us organizing popups at their locations, and also offered standing desks at discount to their members - it was really helpful at our stage, and a no-brainer win-win situation which we continue and is great on both sides. Connecting with other businesses can be a great way to take things to the next level and combine your skillsets and audiences.

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