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How to work it, while you work it.

October 01, 2017 2 min read

Source: Esquire UK – The Macklin Regime

The business of self improvement is thriving in the UK. The value of the nations health market surged to 1bn in 2016 due an  expanding spectrum of wellbeing services as varied as juice bars, multifunctional gyms, boot camp holidays and high level tech wearables. In the office however, our dedication can be sidetracked. Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives at work, so take desk-based health seriously. To keep focused on your working wellness, concentrate on these points:

Back pain and poor concentration can be side effects of bad posture. Swedish back firm Back App have recently launched a wheeled, backless chair that moves on central axis to stimulate smaller muscles, strengthen body core and reduce muscle fatigue.
Back App

The soon-to-be-released Sprimo air purifier is a smartphone operated to recycle air around your desk area, providing a constant, clean, cool air flow. The stylish polished aluminum and back device has sensors for real time analytics, indicating all elements and pollutants in the air.
Mental Health
Stress is damaging and in a demanding job your body can be in permanent fight or flight mode, leading to muscle tension and a fatigued mind. The London Meditation Centre will assess you and tailor an easy-to-follow, simple and effective regime. You’ll remember why you left it so long. £POA
London Meditation Centre
Prolonged sitting can cause musculoskeletal problems and heart disease . To avoid these problems invest in a variable height work station. The most advanced is table air smart desk with built in sensor which works with smartphone to alter the work height to your specific needs. We prefer deskmate though.

Drink water, not coffee if you want to fire on all cylinders in the office. This summer, LVL is launching the first wearable hydration monitor which uses infrared light to measure water levels in a wearer's blood then prompts them to top up if it's falling too low. Clever.

When work gets busy, don’t allow nutrition to slip. Prepare by investing in food delivery. The detox kitchens active protein 1,800 calorie food delivery package boosts energy and aids physical recovery with three fresh meals, snacks and juices delivered each morning (the coconut muesli is a standout).
From £40pd –
Detox Kitchen You can try and deskmate too
Source You can try and deskmate too

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