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Getting rid of that 11 year slump!

June 25, 2019 2 min read


Day to day I follow what feels like a very strange mix of a sedentary life, combined with a highly active one. Most of my day is spent working in an office environment, and outside of work I am a triathlete. Until the past year, I hadn’t even considered the impact that one has on the other.

I have worked in an office since 2007, just over 12 years worth as I write this post. 11 of those years were spent sat at a desk. Part way through that period I took up triathlon, and in beginning that triathlon journey, I found a focus on my fitness and wellbeing that had not been there before. 

Suddenly things I hadn’t really considered before mattered. Nutrition, recovery, planning, among others. One factor that became much more apparent were some of those general aches and pains you can get through sitting down in an office all day long, or that afternoon energy slump I felt so regularly.

In 2018, I was fortunate enough to have my employer invest in standing desks for us all. I had read research previously of the reported benefits of mixing standing with sitting during the course of the work day, so jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. 

The difference was noticeable immediately. Most obvious was cutting that afternoon slump, to that point so often masked with caffeine. Spending the early stages of the afternoon standing, the energy boost was amazing. I felt alert, and had a retained focus to continuing with all my late in the day activities.

As time using a standing desk went on, my triathlon performances benefited too, as that increased energy transferred over to my training schedule, and those aches and pains that I managed became more related to the training I was doing, rather than the training I wasn’t.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting 100% of the benefit. My work is a mix of office and home working, so whilst my days in the office were energetic, my days at home were less so. I needed an affordable solution to grabbing hold of that all round working week benefit. Step up wearedeskmate.

Affordable, practical, sleek looking, and mobile. I bought the Deskmate white, which fits perfectly to my home office setup. I can unfold it first thing in the morning, work my day as a combination of sitting and standing time, and fold it away again on the night. So easy, and so incredibly helpful.

The benefits of incorporating standing to your daily office activities are numerous, and apply to everyone. I will continue to monitor my progress as I spend more of my time standing at work, but the early signs are great, and such a refreshing change to what I had previously become so accustomed to.

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