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Employers urged to offer workers standing desks and have standing meetings

October 29, 2018 1 min read

Hey, remember last week when research noted that standing desks might improve work performance?

Well, here’s another reason to convince your boss to buy in to the standing desk revolution: The Health Secretary thinks it’s a good idea.

At the International Society for Physical Activity and Health Congress in London, Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged employers to offer standing desks and implement standing meetings.

He said: ‘Workplaces can make a difference; encouraging breaks, offering standing desks, having standing meetings – which in my experience tend to finish quicker too.

‘Our message should be that movement is medicine.’

Research shows that the use of stand or sit desks reduces the amount of time workers spend sitting, which in turn improves work performance, reduces fatigue, and reduces the likelihood of musculoskeletal issues.


‘I have a neck issue caused from many years of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other combat sports,’ says Steve. ‘Which, when sitting for too long feels like needles in the top of my spine. Prolonged sitting is very uncomfortable indeed.

‘The standing desk basically gave me instant relief and I find if I rotate two hours standing and two hours sitting it keeps pain to a minimum.

‘Plus the feeling of actually looking forward to sitting down rather than “having” to sit down is a bonus.’

While we know the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, there’s ongoing debate about whether standing desks are the right solution.’s picture desk editor Steve Legere has been using a stand and sit desk for the last year, and describes it as a ‘game changer’.


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