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Deskmates co-founder, Ashley Lockwood shares his tips for healthy living at work

January 10, 2018 2 min read

Like most of us, I use January as a time to kick start my health regime. Between chic boutique studio openings, new HITT classes, and brand new trends (remember death metal yoga? You don’t?! Probably for the best), I often neglect my time and space outside the gym.
It’s far too easy to get caught up in workout regimes, overpriced gym memberships and 62 calorie super protein detox smoothies that we forget health and wellbeing is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t end at Barry’s Bootcamp. Where you spend most of your day (the office) is almost as important to think about. Here are my top tips for staying healthy at work for 2018:

Invest in a standing desk.

OK. So I might be biased but having used a deskmate for over a year now (it was our birthday in January), I can say it’s made a fundamental change to my energy levels throughout the day. Remember the post-lunch slump? It’s a thing of the past. A standing desk is a great way to beat fatigue that comes with eating a heavy lunch. It also reminds you to stay active during the day, I use mine for 45 minute sessions 2-3 times a day which helps break up work load into manageable chunks.
Quit caffeine after 10am.
I quit caffeine after 10am in October last year and I won’t be going back. Before then, I was guilty of 4-5 coffees per day, which lead to headaches, slumps and often a bad night’s sleep. I have since cut down to one pre-workout coffee around 7am, after which I switch to hot lemon and water. I’m hydrated, more energized and I no longer crave caffeine throughout the day. Coffee free buzzing!

Take a walk.

We work 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Taking the time to walk for a while on lunch is something many of us neglect. Not only does it refresh the mind, it also keeps you active and your body moving. I try and walk around 15-20 minutes every lunch break, at a decent pace. I’ll usually listen to music or make a couple of calls. When I get back to work I feel refreshed and energized. Don’t knock it till you try it…

Snack properly.

If like us, your office gets filled with naughty treats over the course of the week (our CMO is partial to dunkin’ donughts), I’d recommend stocking up on decent snacks and a water bottle to keep you away from the naughty bits throughout the day. Two of my favorites are sliced apple with peanut butter (sweet and filling) and mixed nuts (good fats and a healthy dose of protein), I’d also recommend a decent water bottle (go for a self-filter model) to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
P.S. All deskmate and minimates are 20% with the code ‘January’
Ashley JP Lockwood

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