Jarvis Bamboo

The Jarvis Bamboo is an electric standing desk that, simply put, is beautiful. Made from a sheet of sustainable bamboo, it’s the least clinical desk we tested and sports metal legs that rise from 60cm to 120cm with the press of a button. Made up of mix-and-match components, you can combine black legs and a rectangular desk, silver legs and a curve cut out from the table, or even ditch the bamboo altogether. With four customisable, memorised heights, you can easily swap between a super-low coffee table, a standard desk and a back-saving work surface in seconds. Very impressive.

Best for budget


‘Cardboard — are you joking?’, we hear you say. We don’t joke about back health. Meet the Deskmate standing desk converter, a recyclable, flat-packed cardboard kit. Costing just 30 quid, this is a first port of call for anyone considering a standing desk or wanting to take one for a test, er, stand. It can hold up to 10kg, sits on top of your current desk and stands proud at 53cm tall. It’s not as weak as it sounds and can hold a laptop or even a small monitor. With its stepped design, it helps keep your arms in the perfect position for typing and comes in a range of colours and patterns. From £29.90, deskmate.co

Best for minimalists


Meet the Opløft: a stark white surface that floats up to create a solid, stable plane for a laptop or monitor to rest on. Unlike the other (non-cardboard) options on-test, transporting the Opløft from room to room is relatively easy. Just collapse it, pick it up and off you go. Despite clocking in at only 3cm when flat, its top surface rises up by 42cm and it can carry a maximum load of 12kg. Turning a standard desk into a standing desk is great but to ensure you have perfect posture, the optional monitor support arm (£95.94), puts your screen and arms in the perfect position.

Best for comfort


Varidesks look like they belong in an office. Stark and black, they’re not the most inviting and if we were judging these desks on design alone, they’d be at the bottom of our pile. After a week with four standing desks in total, though, Varidesks are categorically the best desks on-test when it comes to comfort and productivity. Whichever model you go for, the Varidesk fits on a standard desk or table and raises up, like the Opløft. With a separate keyboard tray that slides out and a stepped design, however, it encourages better posture out of the box than any other, with a silky smooth up-down motion to boot.