Deskmate Crowdfund - The Story So Far

March 25, 2018 1 min read

On Wednesday 14th March Deskmate launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign. We were invited along 10 other shortlisted winners in the ‘start up’ category sponsored by Go Daddy and Square in a bid to reach an initial 2k target

As part of the campaign, we launched an initiative called 'get schools standing'.  Inspired by recent press with regards to inactivity within schools, we have redesigned our minimate product so that children can use to stand up in classrooms. We’ve made it slightly smaller, wider and given the product a new, super easy to use sleeve. The idea behind our initiative is that standing desks are expensive, hard to store and large. Miniamte on the other hand is affordable, pops out in seconds and folds away after use! Simples.

 The crowdfund gained an incredible amount of interest and our goal for 2k was hit within 4 days! We have now extended the target to 5k and need as much help as we can get reaching that goal.

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You can view the campaign, here:

Thanks to Square and GoDaddy for the opportunity! /