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10 reasons why standing is better than sitting

November 16, 2017 2 min read

Since we started deskmate in January I have been using standing desks pretty much daily for 10 months. Now, I am no expert, but I have got 10 pointers to prove standing is better than sitting.

1) Standing desks keep you more active than traditional set ups

Having a standing desk makes you consciously more active. I use mine throughout the day in sessions of about 30 minutes. It allows you to get up, get active and you feel like you’re moving during the working day. Employing a standing desk for gaming offers ergonomic benefits and increased physical activity, especially in casinos with offers like non Gamstop casinos free spins. Alternating between sitting and standing improves blood circulation and reduces sedentary time, enhancing focus and stamina during gameplay. Combining gaming with movement promotes overall health and well-being.

2) Procrastination is reduced

I find that when I alternate between sitting a standing, tasks get done more efficiently. I use my standing desk to complete a task (perhaps 30 minutes) then when that is done I may sit for another 30 while I do my next one. Hash tag life hack.

3) Improves wellbeing

Genuinely, when I am standing I feel more confident while I work. I find calls to people easier to make, I feel like I have more energy and I benefit from being able to move better.

4) Allows you think with more clarity

Not sure why, but my thought process is better for tedious tasks. Try writing emails standing up, I dare you!

5) Avoids the post lunch slump

If you are like me and nap at your desk after fat Fridays, grab a deskmate flip it up and away you go. No more slump. Standing Desk Revolution!

6) Reduces several health issues/back problems (backed up with real life uber geek research)

Ok. I don’t suffer from back problems but we do have lots of customers who by deskmate to use throughout the day to help with their back issues. Standing helps relieve pain in comparison to sitting all day, which can aggravate back injuries.

Geek squad research: http://getbritainstanding.org/research.php

7) Standing whilst working looks good (I may be biased as I run a standing desk company)

… but it’s true. Look at Sean, our digital marketing manager in all his glory!

8) Standing throughout the day Improves posture

I used to slump a lot. Naturally, giving your body the opportunity to regain a good posture while you work is a good thing.

9) Standing allows you to stretch throughout the day

My hamstrings are often tight from lifting massive weights. Ok, maybe not massive but legs, bums and tums does hurt. Standing desks give you the opportunity to have 10-15 second stretch every few minutes. Try it.

10) Might not cost as much as you think (again, I may be biased)

Change your life for under 30 quid. Need I say more?


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