Workplace Health & Standing Desks - Time To Believe The Hype?

We've seen a lot of coverage recently around standing desks and workplace health. Standing at work alone won't create a better working you, you need a holistic approach to working to achieve the best results. Here's desk mates tips to get you off to a solid start:

Stay hydrated - try and drink and least a litre of water throughout the day, every day

Stay active - use a standing desk, take a walk at lunch, stretch often

Eat healthy-  avoid sugary foods and saturated fats to avoid slumps throughout the day

Get the foundations sorted, then invest in a standing desk. You don't have to spend a fortune to get one these days (wink wink) so grab one a get started. 

What you gain from standing vs sitting:

Increased energy - try alternating between standing/sitting for 20 minutes on and off to start You’ll feel increased energy throughout the day

Circulates blood flow – getting up and moving allows for increased blood circulation

Standing burns more calories – based on 3 hours a day you burn 30,000 extra, every year

Helps reduce back pain – Chiropractors like the London Wellness Clinic endorse deskmate to their patients with back/spinal injuries from prolonged sitting.

You can check the London Wellness Clinic Centre, here:

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